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Piracy has always stimulated the imagination of people and attracted the attention of researchers. Here you can find some fascinating information about pirate life and comments about The Pirates Experience from international writers, professors and public speakers.

Apple Stores, Disney, LEGO, Starbucks. Do these names conjure up images of mere goods and services, or do they evoke something more, something visceral? Welcome to the Experience Economy.

"After meeting with Luca Liboa, I know his Pirates Experience will be amazing! Passion like his is hard to find."

“In The Invisible Hook, I uncover the hidden economics of why pirates few flags of skull & bones, why they created pirate codes, and how, incredibly, pirates’ pursuit of profit led them to pioneer forward-thinking practices from democracy to racial tolerance.


The Pirates Experience takes these features of pirate reality to heart, sliding guests back in time to experience the Golden Age of Piracy for themselves.”

"In my book Mutiny I fuse history, philosophy and sociology to explore the place of piracy in history and culture. Drawing on Blackbeard, Luke Skywalker, Peter Pan and Odysseus, I chase pirates through literature and film into the deepest realms of personal development, art, economics and belief.

The Pirates Experience is a wonderfully realistic way to live your own mutiny for a while, stepping back in time into the Golden Age of Piracy.”

"The secret history of the Golden Age Pirates reveals that they were more like social revolutionaries than rogues. They didn't just break the rules, they rewrote them. They didn't just reject society, they reinvented it.


The Pirates Experience seems to rewrite the rules of amusements, to allow guests to slide back in time, to the Golden Age and step into the shoes of these unconventional heroes. This looks to be an exciting and immersive experience."