The Pirates Experience crew Treasure 1.p


29-30th of May 2021

3rd of July 2021

Tents everywhere, a Crew of 30 pirates and their Captain crossing a swamp on a log-raft. Ambushes, booties, plenty of meet on the barbecue, soups in the caldron, lots of rum in the cups.

Training with sabres, cleaning swords and guns, chopping wood, eating with hands, enjoying stories and songs around the fireplace, sleeping in the campsite.


Are you going to decipher the clues left from Captain Ether, to find his chest, to have his doubloons? Choose your side, choose your personality, choose your role. Make your move, unleash your pirate soul.

You are on the main deck with your fellows, you set the sails with them, you eat pirate food with them. You feel the wind on your face, you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins, you feel free.


You reach the secret location, you build the campsite, you train with sabres. You open the treasure chest, you share the booty with your mates, you celebrate with them drinking rum and singing along.

Do you want to sail with us and sleep in the lower deck or in the Captain’s quarter? Or do you prefer to explore the forest, look for the treasure chest and sleep in the tents?





The campsite is held in a secret location in the stunning area of the Varese, a landmark famous in Italy and Europe for its breath-taking landscapes, a never ending series of hills and lakes such as Lake of Varese, Lake of Comabbio, Lake of Monate and of course Lake Maggiore.

This area has plenty of forests and swamps, and our re-enactors have selected several spots where to set-up our campsites. The actual site will be revealed only to the Guests having purchased the Experience, few days before their transformation into Pirates.

Logistically, Varese is extremely convenient too thanks to the international Airport of Milano Malpensa, located just 40 minutes from the area of the campsite. Same goes for Guests joining by train. Each site has plenty of private parking for the Guests arriving by car.

Amsterdam, one of most charming and  vibrating European capitals, an "international village" famous for its beautiful canal houses (amazingly standing only on wooden poles), the open minded and liberal society, the cultural heritages from Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gogh.

Historically The Netherlands gave birth to lots of sailors eventually joining piracy in order to significantly improve their life conditions. Hendrick Jacobszoon aka Lucifer, Laurens Cornelis Boudewijn de Graaf aka Lorencillo and Hendrick van Hoven are only few of a long list.

Logistically, Amsterdam is very convenient to reach thanks to one of the largest and most efficient European hub, the international Schiphol Airport, located just 30 minutes from the city centre. The Pirates Experience takes place in the surroundings of Amsterdam, in a secret location.